Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement services include many different upgrades or improvements for industrial, residential, and commercial applications such as green technology, access control, communications, lighting needs, and the modification, upgrade, or installation of the power requirements. Tenets need an electrical contractor that has a considerable amount of experience in all forms of tenant improvement services and projects for the managers, brokers, tenets, and owners of residential, industrial, and commercial properties.

Tenets need an electrical contractor who can upgrade their electrical system to ensure that the tenant has sufficient power at that location to run the business. This electrical contractor must have the ability to upgrade any necessary utility transfer conduits and pads. This electrical contractor also needs to have the ability to cost effectively and efficiently light up the tenant’s office with lighting that is energy efficient. The electrical contractor should only deal with a power company that offers competitive prices.

The electrical contractor should be able to improve the electrical conditions of the tenant’s business. The electrical contractor should install electrical outlets in any areas where they are required such as offices. This electrical contractor should also provide any electrical repair services that are required inside the building and have the ability to rewire the current electrical systems to meet the tenant’s requirements.

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Tenant Improvement services may include the installation of generator/UPS systems, transformer repair and maintenance services, office systems wiring, storm damage repairs, preventive maintenance on panels and switchgear, cabling, dimming systems, control wiring, surge protection systems, energy and lighting audits, outdoor and indoor lighting maintenance, electric circuit testing, remodeling and rewiring, and new circuits for network printers or copiers.

Regardless if a tenant is relocating the entire office space to a new location, remodeling their residence, or adding a new dedicated circuit for a new copy machine the tenant needs an electrical contractor who can handle all of the different kinds of electrical work cost effectively and efficiently. These electrical contractors need to be licensed and certified who can do the work with the least amount of interruption to the tenant’s work and in a quality fashion.