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Fairwood, Washington was ranked 73rd out of the 522 regions in Washington State that were ranked based on income per capita. Fairwood had a population of 7,905 according the census that was taken in 2010. There are many different attractions for visitors and their families to experience and enjoy in Fairwood and the surrounding area. For a spooky adventure, visitors and their families can visit the Double Tree Inn, located in nearby Spokane, Washington. This Hotel has 375 guest rooms that are on the first 13 floors. No one knows for sure who is haunting this hotel and there have been no paranormal or psychic research investigations have been done. However, sometime around Halloween 1998, it has been reported that a businessman who was staying in the hotel on the 15th floor committed suicide. People have reported hearing unexplained noises and seeing shadowy apparitions on the 15th floor and elsewhere in the hotel as well. Guests staying at the hotel are continually reporting these manifestations. Located in Riverfront Park in nearby Spokane, Washington visitor and their families can watch a garbage eating goat known as the Suction Goat. This statue of a goat will suck garbage out of a visitors hand and send it to a trash compactor. It is indeed a very unique goat. Also located in nearby Spokane, Washington is The World’s Largest Radio Flyer Wagon. The inspiration for this wagon was the 45 foot tall Coaster Boy at the World’s Fair of 1933 and was a Radio Flyer model.

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This wagon has wheels that are eight feet in diameter, is 13 feet wide, and 27 feet long. Visitors and their families might also want to go to First Night, located in nearby Spokane. This venue offers combination of performing and visual arts and takes over downtown streets, event centers, and businesses. The entire family is invited to this party. Visitors and their families should join the fun. After a long day of sightseeing in Fairwood and the surrounding area, visitors and their families might want to dine on rosemary chicken, a hamburger, some pizza, great steaks prepared three different ways, pasta dishes, or Pacific Salmon, and salads at McGlade’s Bistro and Wine Bar, located in nearby Colbert, Washington. This is a family friendly restaurant that has great American food, excellent service, and reasonable prices all in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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