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About Pioneer Square Washington

Pioneer Square, Washington had a population of 977 in 2000. Pioneer Square is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of Downtown Seattle. Pioneer Square is located in King County. There are many different things for visitors and their families to see and do in and around Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square is home to two major sports fields which as Safeco Field and Qwest Field, the information center for the Klondike Gold Rush National Park, the Seattle Underground Tour Smith Tower, the Waterfall Garden Park, and several different bookstores, nightclubs, sports bars, cafes, Internet companies, and art galleries. Visitors and their families can tour the visitors’ clubhouse, the dugouts, the field, private suites and the press box, which are not usually open to the public, at Safeco Field. Visitors and their families can also watch some professional football when the exciting Seattle Seahawks take on their opponents at Qwest Field. As an additional benefit, visitors and their families can also watch the beautiful Sea Gals. Visitors and their families can enjoy many different activities at the Klondike Gold Rush National Park. This park offers visitors and their families some outdoor activities that include overnight and day hikes on local trails in Skagway. 

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There are also guided tours available as well as camping at Dyea Campground. The indoor activities that visitors and their families can enjoy include a 30 minute film titled Gold Fever: Race to the Klondike, explore the historic Moore Cabin and House and the Mascot Saloon which is an authentic saloon museum from 1910. There are also walking tour available of the Dyea town site and the Historic District. On Bill Speidel’s Underground tour, visitors and their families can take a guided tour underneath the streets and sidewalks of Seattle. Visitors and their families will roam the first floor storefronts and main roadways of the old downtown Seattle. The tour starts at Doc Maynard’s Public house and ends at the underground gift shop known as Rouge’s Gallery. From the 35the floor of the Smith Tower Observation Deck , visitors and their families can get some amazing and spectacular views of Pioneer Square, the Coleman Ferry Terminal, Safeco Field, the cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, the historic waterfront of Seattle, the downtown Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier. Visitors and their families can take a break for their sightseeing in and around Pioneer Square by sitting and resting for a while one the bistro chairs in the Waterfall Garden Park. This garden park features a 22 foot waterfall that has a calming effect because it drowns out all of the street noise. There are many different Japanese maple trees and mature lush shrubs in this garden park.

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