Custom Lighting Design

The creation of custom lighting needs to provide the proper solution for the homeowner’s requirement as well as needing to be done to achieve the best possible outcome. The custom lighting design expert should be passionate about his/her lighting designs and be able to offer a considerable amount of experience in product specifications and lighting designs to ensure that the homeowner’s lighting design project is successful and provides the homeowner with the best custom lighting design within budget and on time.

Custom lighting design experts should have their own expert custom lighting fabricators. They should have the ability to design exactly what the homeowner wants by working with the homeowner. They should ensure that the end product meets all of the homeowner’s expectations by taking the homeowner’s concepts by means of checkpoints and paying close attention to detail.

All of the custom lighting fixtures that are provided by the custom lighting design expert should have a UL label and be able to be used in any commercial or residential setting. This custom lighting design expert should have experience designing lighting fixtures for projects that range from large commercial chandeliers to small residential sconces.

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Custom designed lighting fixtures should be available to the exact dimension and shape the homeowner requires. These custom designed lighting fixtures should be available in specific materials such as bronze or brass or bronze to permit longevity. Usually, this is a big advantage for near the ocean and outdoor locations.

The custom lighting design expert should apply the specific finish for the homeowner’s custom lights and provide samples to the homeowner for approval. The exact kind of lamp should be specified for that particular application.

New lighting fixture designs should be done the match the homeowner’s current lighting design fixture whenever additional matching lights are required. The custom lighting design expert should understand that the best resource for the modification, design, or lighting problems is the homeowner. Visits to the home should be able to be coordinated in order to provide assistance with lighting design consultation if required.