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About White Center Washington

White Center, Washington had a population of 13,495 according to the 2010 census which represents a 35.70% decrease in population since 2000. There are 6,835 or 50.60% of the residents of Whites Center who are male and 6,660 or 49.40% of the residents of White center who are female. The average age of residents of White center is 36.1 years old as compared to the average of the residents of Washington State of 46.6 years old. The estimated income of a household in White center is $44,576 as compared to $40,480 in 2000 and $56,548 in Washington State. In 2009, the estimated income per capita was $21,068. In 2009, the estimated median value of a condo or a house in White center was $292,938 as compared to $150,500 in 2000 and $287,200 in Washington State. In 2009 the mean cost of mobile homes was $156,970, of structure having five or more units was $170,502, of structures having three to four units was $350,344, of structures having two units was $359,587, of attached units or townhouses was $ 288,788, of detached houses was $320,230, and of all housing units was $310,968.

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There are 5,341 resident or 39.60% of the residents who are white, 3,065 who are Asian, 2,906 who are Hispanic, 1,159 or 8.60% who are Black, 593 or 4.40% who are at least two races, 224 or 1.70% who are Native Hawaiian, 186 or 1.40% who are American, and 21 or 0.20% who are other races. Of the residents of White center who are at least 25 years old, 73.10% have a high school education or greater, 13.30% have a Bachelor’s Degree or greater, 3.50% have a professional or Graduate degree, and 6.40% are unemployed. The mean time to commute to work is 26.1 minutes. Of the residents of White center who are at least 15 years old, 30.40% have never been married, 49.10% are currently married, 2.30% are separated, 5.90% are widowed, and 12.40% are divorced. There are 5,652 residents or 26.90% of the residents of White center who are foreign born as compared to 10.40% of the residents of Washington who are foreign born. There is 18.00% of the workforce who are involved in food service and accommodations; 17.00% who are involved in manufacturing; 11.00% who are involved in retail trade; 9.00% who are involved in waste management services, support, and administration; 7.00% who are involved in other services with the exception of public administration, and; 5.00% who are involved in wholesale trade.

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