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About Columbia City Washington

Columbia City, Washington had a population of 1,488 in 2007 and is best known for its historic district. Columbia City is located in southeast Seattle and a neighborhood in the Rainier Valley region. Columbia City was destined to be great right from the start since the city was named after Christopher Columbus. In the late 1800’s, this city was a very popular place to settle since it had a rail line that connected to downtown Seattle and a sawmill that could make neat work of the giant trees in the region. To some of the smaller communities that were close this city was even considered to be a downtown because of its many services and businesses. However, the city declines following World War II. The crime rate increased and businesses closed. However, there have been several efforts to once again attract residents and things have been spruced up in the past few decades. Including the increasingly popular Junction is West Seattle, Columbia City has the highest Walk Score of any neighborhood that is south of downtown. The reason for this is that for such a concentrated area there is a considerable amount to do here. For instance, one fellow no only lived in the area but also tended bar in a pub next door to a small boutique. The fact is that in this city people get along harmoniously. There is no one age bracket that stand out as being the most common, there is a balance between the upper and the middle income levels, and approximately the same number of people own their own homes as rent their homes. Those statics are fairly equal. Although there are many single people in this city, the percentage of dwarfs in the city is 18.20%, the percentage of homes that have children is 30.00%, and there are a large number of married people. Visitors should park their vehicle on Rainier Avenue at Genesee Street to experience the charm in Columbia City.

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Then they should spend some time walking up and down the side and main drag streets. They can try some amazing pastries at the Columbia City bakery or some incredible pancakes at Geraldine’s Counter if they are sufficiently early. There are some opportunities to browse at places such as Retroactive Kids or the Bookworm Exchange. There are several restaurants to select from and they can complete their day at the Columbia City Theatre. Visitors can shop for bicycles at the Bike Works where they teach Young kids to repair old bicycles and then sell them at a very reasonable price or enjoy the jungle gyms, play fields, and many acres of open grass fields at the Genesee Park if the visitors want some additional activity.

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