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About Interbay Washington

Interbay, Washington had a population of 19,174 in 2000. Interbay is bounded by Gilman Avenues W and Thorndyke and 20th street on the west, by Elliot Avenue W and 15th Avenue W on the east, by Salmon Bay on the north, and by what remain of Smith Cove on the south. Interbay is a neighborhood in Seattle. Although there are many different attractions in the Interbay area, the number one attraction that most visitors and their families want to see is the Space needle, located in nearby Seattle, Washington. The 520 foot tall Space Needle can withstand 200 MPH winds and earthquakes of a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale. The elevator travels much faster than snow falls at 10 MPH so visitors who ride the elevator see the snow falling up. In the SkyCity restaurant, visitors and their families can get a 360 degree view of Seattle while they dine while the restaurant rotates. Elliot Bay, Lake Union, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, snowcapped Mount Rainier, and the sparkling waters of Puget Sound can all be viewed by visitors and their families from the Observation Deck. Another very popular attraction in the Northwest is the Pike Place Market. Visitors and their families can shop for many different types of gifts, handmade crafts, and the season’s best seafood and produce. This nine acre market is the oldest continually operating farmer’s market in the country. Visitors and their families can soak in the unique ambiance of one of the most popular attractions in Seattle.

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 They can enjoy the antics and music of the talented street performer, visit the first Starbuck’s Coffee Shop, and watch the market fishmongers toss salmon around. Visitors and their families can also enjoy some spooky family fun at the Harvard Exit Theater. This theater is supposedly haunted by a man who was killed in a brawl on the first floor, by a woman who was murdered on the second floor in the 1940’s, and by the spirit of Bertha Landis on the third floor. To share this theater with the living seems to be agreeable to all the unseen forces and spirits who reside in this theater. The living will simply have to accept the apparitions as part of the Harvard Exit Theater. Visitors and their families can enjoy some authentic Mexican food after a full day of sightseeing in Interbay and the surrounding area at the La Palma Family Mexican Restaurant, also located in nearby Seattle, Washington. This family friendly Mexican restaurant offers all of the usual Mexican fare as well as fresh seafood prepared Mexican style. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the food is great at this Mexican restaurant.

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