Seattle Commercial Electricians

When it comes to commercial buildings and their large electrical services, hiring the best commercial electricians is necessary. Dealing with electrical wires and its technicalities is already difficult as it is, so commercial electricians have their work cut out for them. The intricacies of commercial wiring are much more difficult than residential electrical services, so you have to make sure to get the help of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are trained to deal with the commercial wiring.

Our Seattle commercial electricians are well trained to install main underground feeders, parking lot lighting, transformers, switchgears, and branch circuit panels. All your electrical needs from lighting a side lamp from an office cubicle to the elaborate lighting of showrooms can all be covered by our professionals.

Our vast experience in working with industrial companies, automotive manufacturing plants, and large hospitals has given us the ability and knowledge to work with complex machineries in need of different frequency drives, DC motors and large relay control centers. We have worked with various voltage systems, allowing us to be adept in creating systematic wiring for both high and low voltage equipment.

Our Seattle Electricians can take care of all your commercial and industrial projects without a hitch.

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Service Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical services may be needed for various reasons. The most common one is the need to add machinery. Adding machines to a commercial building may mean expansion and the need for better machines. Another reason may be for downsizing and the need to upgrade electrical services to accommodate separate metering for an additional tenant, for example. Our electrical engineers will proficiently provide your business with the required electrical load calculations.

Buildings that have withstood the test of time, most definitely have electrical systems that have not. It is much better to have the electric of old buildings repaired, upgraded, or replaced to avoid mishaps that may occur because of faulty wiring. Old electrical systems may have poor connections and terminations that may cause power fluctuations. These power fluctuations may cause your equipment like computers and machinery to run intermittently. It may even cause your equipment to have a power surge because of the uncontrolled electrical power.

For most, repairs or upgrades to electrical systems may mean shutting down the business for a few hours up to days. How would your business run properly without electricity? But with our experts, productivity loss while having upgrades and repairs is not an issue. We can provide temporary generators to get your business running as we make the necessary adjustments to your electrical system.

Power Failure? You Need a Back Up

Speaking of back-up power, we can install your own back-up system to avoid power loss during a black out or power outage. A back-up generator is extremely beneficial for your electrical system and your business or home. Contrary to public knowledge, back-up generators can take up as much electrical load as you would without a normal electrical system in the event of a power failure, depending on your power need. This is very necessary for hospitals or industrial buildings wherein continuous power is needed to keep the machines running. A sudden power failure may mean life or death to most. Refrigeration systems for food storage or science may also suffer in the event of power failure. Computer equipment, data storage and many others are affected with power outages, so make sure you have a back up before you experience the consequences.

A back up generator runs in natural gas, diesel or propane. Its easy access fuel will make your back up generator run smoothly. Each back-up generator can be customized to your specific need, allowing you to use it to its minimum to full potential. R Squared renovations can customize back-up generators from double circuit needs to multiple needs for hospitals or high-rise buildings.

Seattle Electrical Troubleshooting and Preventive Measures

There are many safety hazards that follow power failures. Buildings that have continuous elevator passengers like malls or hotels need to take the safety measure of acquiring a good back-up generator or an electrical system that can handle such power failure. When customers, residents, or employees are stuck in an elevator car in a high-rise building, the R Square Renovations can resolve your power problem quickly and efficiently. Wires that have been misconnected or loose may cause catastrophic events, but with R Square Renovations, we make sure that this does not happen. A single spark from a naked wire may cause fires or electrocution. A quick monthly check-up on your electrical system will be a good preventive measure for any electrical accidents in your building or business. Having worked in the electrical industry for more than 20 years have given us the knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of electrical problems that leave others dumbfounded. Look to us for all your electrical power needs.

Having a great electrical system is one thing, maintaining it is another. You may have the greatest technology in the world, but without maintenance, it may end up causing more problems than it should. Preventive maintenance is necessary for any business, building or residence. Having a well-maintained electrical system will ensure your safety and even save you money in the end. Having a faulty electrical system may cause extra expense because of improper power calculations. To be on the cheaper and safer side, have your electrical system checked every month or so, will avoid bigger problems in the long run. A single faulty wire may become catastrophic, so nip it in the bud. Do not allow your electrical system to incur more damage. Avoid wasted money and wasted lives because of faulty electrical systems. Preventive maintenance is the key.

Reduce your repair costs, monitor your electrical system via infrared cameras and scheduled electrical engineer check-ups. Call on our professionals.

The Seattle Professionals

Commercial electricians among the highest paid in their trade. Though still working on electrical systems, a commercial electrician’s work is far more meticulous than that of a residential electrician. Voltages encountered are far higher than that of residential electrical systems, which means a greater safety hazard if done improperly. The intricacies of wiriness, conduits, and connections are something that only a professional and a proficient commercial electrician can do. High-rise buildings are the usual installations commercial electricians make, and so being comfortable in high places and having great equilibrium is also a must.

Commercial electrical contractors perform Electrical service upgrades; Electrical repairs and installations of all kinds of electrical systems; Troubleshooting of circuits, maintenance of many types of low voltage systems; Test and troubleshoot motors, generators and transformers; Install and repair fire detections systems; Computer cabling; and Installing complete surveillance systems for electrical systems.

To be able to do perform this kind of work, the commercial electrical contractor must have specialty skills and tools such as:

Hydraulic or Electric Conduit Bender, PVC Bender Box, Knock-Out Set, 12′ – 16′ A Ladders, 24′ – 32′ Extension Ladders, Wire Benders (manual or hydraulic).

Since this type of work needs specialty tools, skills and has potential safety hazards, commercial electrical contractors must have a higher initial overhead for the tools needed and be able to provide proper compensation and insurance coverage to all their employees.

These special requirements make commercial electrical contractors more costly to operate than any residential electrical contractor. These are the reasons commercial electrical services cost far higher than your ordinary electrical contractors.